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Ten Things I Want To Say To Certain People

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Because this topic is so trending, (like what my other blogger friends have posted, Leah, Bino, and Madz) I also posted this. (Nakigaya rin! >_<)

There are some things I can’t say to some people because I think it is better left unsaid. Does it make any difference that I blogged it? hehe. They won’t be able to read this anyway, well some may.

And because this is an English blog, just imagine how I’ll say it in Filipino. Ahihi. :)

1. You will become a teacher in the future, but look at your attitude.

2. I don’t use the English language to impress people.

3. You’re saying negative things about me, but look at what you’re doing. (And look at you’re attitude as well)

4. Stop texting the same things over and over. (Hi. Gawa mo? Ah, okay.) You’re very consistent!

5. Being true to yourself is not a bad thing, as long as you do not step on other people.

6. Don’t say yes, to something you’re not sure about.

7. Sometimes, you can break the rules, you don’t always go by the book, or what was directed to you.

8. I want to help you, but I’m not in the position anymore to do so.

9. We’re not close, so let’s not talk about my personal life.

10. I hope I can see you and meet you and talk to you personally.

Well, that’s it. I always prefer to live a happy life. So smile! :D

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  1. Haha cge ako din gagawa ng ganito! Hohoho

  2. hala ka wala ako kilala sa mga ito haha.. so much clueless

  3. nosebleed naman. joke! lol

  4. trending to ah! :D Gusto ko din to. kaso nahihiya ako :D nice blog po!

  5. Wow. Hindi 20, this will be the 5th post I’ve read today about this things u wanna say to certain people. Very trendy! Haha. I think, it’ll be much more expressive if it was written in Tagalog. Haha.

  6. At ito nga ay trending topic ng lahat….

    Kaso tamad akong makitrend LOL

  7. o bakit 10 lang? di ba dapat 20 :) agree ako, iba kung sa tagalog mo to ginawa, mas damang-dama :)

  8. natawa naman ako na trending topic ang term ng mga blogger dito kaloka hehe at agree ako kay kuya mcrich mas ok sana kapag tagalog pero kanya kanyang trip yan =D

  9. Hello, Zen…

    Antay ako ng bagong post. baka may bago uling kwento ng gala, ahaha… ^^ Kaway-kaway lang… ;)

  10. NUMBER 2 loves ko… Haha!

  11. Gusto ko yung number 2 at number 4. madami akong gustong pagsabihan nyan. hahaha

  12. Hala si maam zen may ganito hehehe..sabihin na kasi. Its better said than Joke lang.

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