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My Hectic December 17: Gift Giving and SBA

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It was a Saturday, December 17. I had a very tiring, hectic day. Going from one place to another..  it was fun! And since it’s vacation already, I know that my time would be more useful for service to other people.

I started the day at 7:00 a.m. We were to visit three day care centers for the gift giving project. I was with our student volunteers.  The place (San Vicente) was kinda far and since we were tight on budget, we rented a jeep. We paid only P10 pesos each. The students were like sardines inside. :D

Students inside the jeepney.

I was sitting beside my good friend and co-Rotaractor Kakai. This girl sure is a dedicated person to what she does. She helps me every time I am to plan a community project.

Kakai and me.

First stop, day care center number 1. CRC Day care center. We gave gifts and also slippers for the kids. :)

Deza while preparing the gifts and the slippers.

The kids with their gifts.

Stop number two. Paradise Day Care Center. So I told you in my previous post of the 15 minute walk going to the center, and the loads of mud you have to cross (A Step up Day), before, I wore my new shoes, this time, I was ready with my slippers.

I was ready with my slippers!

On the way to the day care center.

Paradise Day Care Center

Stop number 3, Birthright daycare in San Vicente. We just have to walk from one center to another. The kids interacted with our student volunteers in the games and gift giving. I was happy to see them realize also the joy of making other children happy.

The Volunteens dancing with the kids.

Pres. Mhon of Rotary San Pedro East with the kids.

After three day care centers, we still have to donate toys for the “Maaga ang Pasko sa Jollibee.” And I really like the bear toy I am holding. It’s really cute. I used to hold that in our office and I tried to steal it! (hehe) But I know a kid will be happier when this bear reaches him/her.

The cute bear to be donated. That's Deza at the center, singit. >_<

We were about to go home and we instructed the students to ride in fives in one tricycle. But then, there was a pick up truck which offered the students a free ride going back to San Pedro town proper. God is good. I know these students have tight budgets as well. And they were ready to ride it!

The students on the truck.

Good luck at the ride! :D

On our way to Jollibee. With Juan and Deza.

At Jollibee United. The bear, along with other toys, was donated to Jollibee’s “Maaga ang Pasko.”

Goodbye Teddy, make a kid happy.. :)

After that, I had lunch and I got gifts to be brought to our district gift giving of the Rotaract Clubs of District 3820. And where is my destination? Lucena, QUEZON!

On my way to Lucena.

So there. At 12 noon, I was at the bus in Alabang and I even had the chance to watch the Jose Manalo parody of Willie in Eat Bulaga. That was really funny. I asked the conductor of the bus, about the number of travel hours, and he said four hours! Huwat??

The call time for the gift giving was 1 p.m. Gosh, will I ever get there?

I have waited in the bus. After two Jason Statham movies, which were good by the way, I finally reached Lucena at 4:30 p.m. I have to ride a jeepney and a tricycle going to the Dalahican Fish port. (Hong layo!) I arrived at the location around 5 p.m.

It was raining kinda hard in Lucena.

Define five hours of travel gosh! After five hours, I finally reached the Dalahican port. The gift giving was over but my gifts are still good for the kids there because they told me that other kids were not given gifts. I also paid for the club contribution for the shirts and slippers that were given to the kids too. Special thanks to IPDRR Roy Casipit and DRR Jaypee Ursua of RID 3820.

with District Rotaract Representative Jaypee. :)

And I didn’t stay there for long. I took a picture of SM Lucena. I was waiting for the bus that time.

SM City Lucena

I planned to ride a bus going to Alabang. But there’s something else. I want to go to the Saranggola Blog Awards. So I rode a bus going to Cubao instead. The bus stopped at Sariaya and I ate my dinner there. It was 7:00 p.m. This is a do or die.

Adobo at Sariaya Quezon

After two movies again, and four hours of travel. I finally got to Mandaluyong City at Tivoli Gaardens Residences for the Saranggola Blog Awards 2011. :) It was almost 11:oo p.m. I made it! :D

Me at the SBA.

I was able to meet other bloggers that I admire and others whom I just met. I was really star struck that time. I didn’t know that the SBA would be overwhelming for a newbie like me. I haven’t felt the tiredness of the whole day travel I took. I guess I’m just glad that I was there.

Sarangola Blog Awards. Image from John Michael's Fb account.

I arrived home at 3 a.m. Kinda late, but the day was meaningful and fun packed for me. I thank God for a wonderful day. :)

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  1. You are really bound for greatness Maam Zen. :D Keep doing what you love

    Happy Holidays

  2. ikaw na ang busy! lolss ang daming pinuntahan, at ang daming napangiti :)

  3. Ayan, ikaw na secretary ng RACSPE :)
    Congrats. Sarap sa pakiramdam ng maraming natulungan.

  4. Natawa ako don sa comment ni Zyra. “tol naman, inenglish mo lang comment ko “. Hahahaha. Anyway, keep the fire of service burning.

  5. kaw na… grabeng gala….

  6. sosyalin parang artista lang heheheheheh kaw na!!

  7. salamat Zen sa pagdalo kahit busy ka ;)

  8. in all fairness naman.ang PARADISE DAY CARE CENTER—wagas ang location.di masyadong ka libliban.nasa dulo nga ng paradise.lols—nice meeting you pala sa SBA last time:)

  9. Pwede nyo na pong paltan si Dora the explorer. Haha zen the explorer! :)))

  10. Wow you’re so kind and generous to be part of the gift giving. If given a chance I’d also take part on that. Masaya yung feeling na nakakapagpasaya ka ng ibang tao, right ? :)


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