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A Letter to ‘My Criminal’

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You had me at your funny wits, I fell in love.

We were sweet then, we made each other smile.

I was inspired and happy,
I had a reason to make life even more worthwhile.

We were strangers in the beginning, you left,
I guess I don’t know you that much and you felt the same.
But eventually came back to each other’s arms
And stayed with each other, and have known each other better.

Soon, we have come to know our differences,
I have come to accept you as you are,
I have accepted all the things about you,
And in return, you were always there for me.

It’s been years, struggles have come before us.
You almost gave up, I never let you,
We stood tall, together.
We have made it through, together.

You have hurt me, when I found out there was another,
But you came back for me, realizing you still need me.
I forgave you, just for you not to leave me.
I was ready to forget everything,
So we can still be together.

I never asked for anything in return,
Just for you to stay with me,
But I felt you so far away from me.
But you told me, “Everything’s fine, everything’s okay.”
Still I believed, for my blind heart and eyes don’t see..

Future plans have been made,
We’d be living far away, and we’ll still have each other
Sacrifices have to be rendered,
But the thought of us, being together,
Has made me through all the challenges

Years went on, I am still here
Another year has come, and another, then another
Then a picture told a story, That it involves another and not me.
I felt used, I felt stupid, I felt betrayed, I felt HURT.
Is that all we are now after the things we have shared.

Love is still there, I admit.
Perhaps the heart has been used to the hurt it feels over and over,
But I don’t know what to feel now,
I want to cry, I want to scream, I want to burst out what’s in my heart,
So many questions wanting to be answered,
But none has been given to me.

You will never change, when I hoped you will,
But this time has been unbearable for me,
Deep inside me, I still cared.
But I don’t know whether which is right,
To let go, to get mad or to just let things happen as they are.

For the ‘criminal’ who stole my heart and is still with him,
Its return will heal the pain, but I don’t know when,
The feeling of much “Incompleteness” is with me.
I hope that time will eventually heal this pain inside me.

How Did I Celebrate My 25th Birthday?

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Happy birthday!

“Is Zen only twenty-five?”

I’m sure you have that question in mind. The answer is, I’m not. And I’m not going to tell you my actual age, instead I’ll tell you how I celebrated it.

I celebrated it at school, as usual. My students greeted me, and my co-teachers. And my mother who loves me so much even cooked spaghetti for me, even if I may not be able to eat it. And by that evening I had dinner with my special someone. yey!  My birthday has been that way every year. Well except if my birthday is on weekends. Although simple, I’m happy and thankful to spend it with many wonderful people around me.. :)

Why blog about this? I am joining a contest by the generous blogger Silkenhut. Because this blogger is turning 25! If you also want to join the contest, just click HERE!

Read more of his interesting posts on Food at Pinoy Food Blog .

Again, Happy birthday to Silkenhut, and to all who will be celebrating their 25th birthday!  ;)


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