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Tampuhan Cafe: No Tampuhan Here

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I’ve been in Taal, Batangas a number of times. If you want to get in touch with the country’s history, Taal is one of the places to visit. It’s like another version of Vigan, only, it’s from the South. Aside from the infamous Taal Basilica, and the heritage houses, there are actually other places to visit in Taal. I was told by a good friend that there is this cozy coffee place in the said town.

It’s the Tampuhan Cafe.

I went there (first I was with my close friends, then two days after, with my co-Rotaractor friends) to try the coffee and at the same time find out what the place looks like.

“What? Tampuhan? Just make sure we won’t have a quarrel after.”

“Hahaha. No, we won’t.”

So what’s with the name?

The Tampuhan Cafe, as I have heard from one of the waiters there, was named after the favorite painting of the owner, the Tampuhan by Juan Luna.

Tampuhan by Juan Luna. Tampuhan means 'sulkin' or plainly, lover's quarrel. (Photo from

Tampuhan by Juan Luna. Tampuhan means ‘sulking’ or, lovers’ quarrel. (Photo from

The location of the cafe is just near the boundary of Taal and Lemery. The facade of the place very well resembles the heritage theme of the Taal town.

The Cafe from across the street.

The Cafe from across the street.

The first floor offers a kind of modern ambiance, but when you get to the second floor, that’s where you’ll feel like you are in an old house during the time of the Spaniards. It’s the old and antique stuff that are interesting.

The view from the inside. (It doesn't really look dark as shown on the photo.)

The view from the inside. (It’s not really dark inside unlike what’s shown on the photo.)

tampuhan 3

These are for sale. :)

Use Damusak in a sentence. :)

Use Damusak in a sentence. :)

An old type iron. :)

An old type iron. :)

Second floor.

Second floor.

tampuhan 6

One of the bedrooms on the second floor.

One of the bedrooms on the second floor.

The place accepts accommodations overnight, so if you want to experience the ‘old times’ you can stay here.

tampuhan 8

tampuhan 9

tampuhan 10tampuhan12tampuhan 131897795_641906145859386_5332552933354158955_nI’ve been in the cafe during the day and during night time. I would say night time is the best time to stay there. Well, on the second floor in particular. However, the first floor is air conditioned.

The coffee that I ordered tastes good. I have only tasted the choco java chip though (parang Starbucks lang ang peg). I guess the rest on the menu taste good too.


This is their version of Choco Java Chip Frap. :)

I was with my good friend Radney during my second time there and he took these photos. #SelfieDin


Radney and I, with the two employees there. Smile! :)


Radney, Me, and our good friend Ramil who is from Lemery.

So to all coffee lovers who will drop by Taal, Batangas, you might as well check out this place. It is located at Calle Marcela Agoncillo at the heritage town of Taal, Batangas. You can check out their facebook site here. :)

There will be no lovers’ quarrel that will take place here. Just pure reminiscing and chillin’.

Have a nice day!

Tampuhan Cafe. Located at Calle Marcela Agoncillo.

Tampuhan Cafe. Located at Calle Marcela Agoncillo.


Big Ate and Turtle Toy

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As I prepared for the Big Ate Kuya project of our club, I thought of doing something special. Aside from the gifts provided for the kids, I decided  to give my favorite stuffed turtle toy to somebody.

That was taken when I bought Spalloo in Tagaytay.

The photo was taken when I bought Spalloo in Tagaytay.

I just recently loved animal stuffed toys. I have just started with the collection.

spalloo 2

Spalloo (turtle) with Simba, (cub), Cowree (cow), and Pandee (panda).

I bought the Spalloo turtle in Tagaytay City. And it was named by a good friend of mine. Well, I found it corny but what the heck. :D

Ahahaha. I just placed him in the bag as if he's saying goodbye. >_<

Ahahaha. I just placed him in the bag as if he’s saying goodbye. >_< And yeah, the cow has green ears. :D

The kids we were with are kids from Paradise Day Care. We treated them at their favorite fastfood chain, Jollibee, and rode with them in different kiddie rides. During the project, I noticed this one sweet girl, Stephanie.

She's Stephanie. A student from Paradise day Care.

She’s Stephanie. A student from Paradise day Care. Photo from Khit Bernardo

She always smiles, and when you talk to her, she will answer any question you have as much as she can. Bibo as you call it. So I decided to give her my Spalloo.

Please take care of Spalloo Stephanie. :)

Please take care of Spalloo Stephanie. :)

It is indeed a simple stuffed toy, but the smile you get from the child who received it, is priceless. :)


With Rotaract San Pedro East and Rotaract Carmona.

Big Ate Kuya Day with Rotaract San Pedro East and Rotaract Carmona.

Thank you to the friends of Rotaract San Pedro East for supporting the Big Ate Kuya project. We were able to cooperate to make the kids happy, even in a simple ways.

Thanks for reading! :)


A Day in Paradise

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Sitio Paradise

There is a community in San Vicente, San Pedro, Laguna called Sitio Paradise. It is a depressed community and it doesn’t have sufficient water system. Our school, SPCBA, had a big part in building a day care in the community ten years ago.

After the day care had been turned over to the community, it has been visited once in a while by various non government organizations. One is the club where I belong, Rotaract Club of San Pedro East.

District Gift Giving of 3820

The Rotaract clubs of District 3820 (Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Bicol Area, Mindoro/Marinduque) holds an annual gift giving and Rotaract clubs from the district get together to help a certain area in the spirit of the holidays.

Since our club is the host club, we decided to hold the event in Sitio Paradise.

A Day in Paradise

That morning of December 7, 2013, CJ and I went to Paradise to distribute stubs and inform them carefully of what’s going to happen that afternoon. It is overwhelming that some people there recognize me. I asked help from Nanay Susan, a leader in the community; and Ma’am Linda, teacher of day care. They call me Mam Zeni.” And the kids too. They are asking me if they are invited. I said “Oo naman, maya punta kayo dun ha. Dala kami gifts.

That afternoon, the attending Rotaract clubs went to Laguna. When we arrived at San Antonio (near Summerfield), we had to get off and bring the gifts and noche buena package to selected families. We had to walk for a while. pasko paraiso 3

pasko paraiso 1

Rotaractors walking to Paradise.

Preparing for a short program

Preparing for a short program

The noche buena package that we brought for them.

The noche buena package that we brought for them.

Aling Susan, from the community, led the prayer. She was not feeling well. But she insisted on coming. She was very grateful in behalf of the people in Paradise.

Aling Susan, leading the prayer. She was not feeling well, but she attended and assisted us.

Aling Susan, leading the prayer. She was not feeling well, but she attended and assisted us.

pasko paraiso 6

Of course I am glad to tell you that I was there, doing my thing.

Of course I was there, doing my thing. “Bring me, sirang tsinelas!”

The kids are patiently waiting.

The kids are patiently waiting.

We had a short program for the kids. I was able to bring some gifts, so I had the usual round up of children’s party games. We had Stop dance, Boat is sinking, Longest line, Bring me, and of course, the undying Trip to Jerusalem. :D But you know, even if you use these games again and again, they never grow old. Children really love to dance! :)

Let's get started!

Let’s get started! Rotaractors moderating the stop dance.

How about a round of "Gentleman"?

How about a round of “Gentleman”?

And she got stuck. She's very adorable with her colorful curls! :) @Jameslacuesta

And she got stuck. She’s very adorable with her colorful curls! :) @Jameslacuesta

pasko paraiso 12

The girls playing the longest line. :)

The girls playing the longest line. :)

Members of Rotaract San Pedro East as they share their smiles.

Members of Rotaract San Pedro East as they share their smiles.

A precious smile fromPres. Giselle of Rotaract Taal Lemery.

A precious smile from Pres. Giselle of Rotaract Taal Lemery.

Pres. Jill of Rotaract San Pedro helping the kids not to 'sink'.

Pres. Jill of Rotaract San Pedro South helping the kids not to ‘sink’.

Our very own PE Radney of Rotaract San Pedro East.

Our very own PE Radney of Rotaract San Pedro East.

DRRE Dharz of Rotaract Lucena South, distributing the gifts.

DRRE Dharz of Rotaract Lucena South, distributing the gifts.

Distribution of noche buena package. :)

Distribution of noche buena package. :)

pasko paraiso 19

IPP Conan of Rotaract Sta. Rosa South.

Rotaractors from San Pedro Area.

Rotaractors from San Pedro Area.

pasko paraiso 23pasko paraiso 22

pasko paraiso 24

Rotaractors of District 3820. :)

We felt the gratefulness of the people there as we hear them say ‘thank you‘ before we left. We do not know them, but knowing that we were able to make them smile for a day is a rewarding thing. It was indeed a different day in Paradise.

Happy Holidays from Rotaract clubs of District 3820! :D

Photos courtesy of my friends James Lacuesta and Jezrell Boringot.

Weekly photo challenge: Community


Let There Be Parol!

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It’s Christmas season once again!

Our school annually holds a competition for the creative Christmas lanterns made of recycled materials. I am always fascinated that students never run out of ideas to recycle what they can to be creative.

This year, I took some photos of the ‘parols’. I took the photos at daytime and when the lanterns are glimmering with their lights. :)

Recycled translucent papers from Engineering Society.

Recycled translucent papers from Engineering Society.

Worksheets of the Accountancy students.

The Accountancy students never forget to use their used worksheets. :)


The Sphere ventured on folders and played it with glitters and lights. 

Bottled 'belen' of the Tourism students.

An interesting bottled ‘belen’ of the Tourism students.

The orangey lantern of Computer Studies.

The orange-y lantern of Computer Studies with pretzel shaped wires and pompoms from this year’s Sportsfest.

The simple blue lantern of Education.

The simple blue lantern of Education.

That's two old umbrellas, decorated with papers from the Math and Science.

That’s two old umbrellas, decorated with papers. (Math and Science)

Utensil inspired lantern of the Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Utensil inspired lantern of the Hotel and Restaurant Management. (And why not use spoon and fork right?)

And among the Christmas parols, I find the first one photogenic. Here take a look. :)

Photogenic. :)

Photogenic. :)

Still photogenic. :)

Still photogenic. :)

Advance Happy holidays to all! :D

Weekly photo challenge: Let There Be Light!



Ka Andres #Boni150

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bonifacioHe is one of the Philippine’s heroes. Andres Bonifacio is known for his bravery and his passion to fight for his country. Today, the country is commemorating his 150th birthday. Maligayang kaarawan Ka Andres! :D

If he were alive today, what would he say about his countrymen? As for me, I would have asked the following questions.

How would you feel that you are always compared to Jose Rizal?

Would you run for presidency this time? (He became however, an ‘undeclared’ president)

Who would you consider your own ‘hero’?

Do you think you can trust Emilio Aguinaldo? (Well, issues)

If you were able to study in college, what course would you have chosen? ~~

How about you? What questions would you ask him if he were with us now?

I hoped that he could have given the Filipino people some piece of advice. His legacy shows that he was not as wealthy, or even a degree holder, but he was able to do something for the country.

A hero of courage. That’s how I will describe him.

Before I end this short post, here is a “what if” conversation among the heroes, scene from the show ‘Bubble Gang’.

Have a nice day. :)


Love and Time

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“Hey, sorry hindi ako nakakapagtext.”


“Ikaw naman, ‘wag ka na tampo ha?”

“Okay, sabi mo eh. :) So how are you?”

“Ayun, puyat po palagi at saka pagod lagi sa work. Birthday pa ni ‘kulot’ nung isang araw.”

“Ah okay. Ano binigay mong gift sa kanya?”


“Oh my.”

“Oh bakit?”

“Wala lang. I just remembered something. More of a personal note.”

“Ano po yun?”

“It just started as a silly deal suggested by my friend. She said that I should never wear a watch starting that day, until a ‘special someone’ would give me a watch.  So I don’t know, I just did that. I have never worn a watch for three years. Ganun.”

“Ah. Ayos yan ah. Pang ilang taon na ngayon?”


“Bakit po watch naman?”

“Eh kasi it’s a symbolism. That when you give a watch to somebody, it a symbol that you are also sharing and giving your time to them. Wala lang. Trip trip na sign lang. >_<” 

“Ah okay po ah.”

“Yeah. Oh ‘wag mo gayahin ha? Hehe.. Sanay nakong walang watch but I’m definitely going to wear one, one of these days.”

“Oo naman hehehe. Sige balitaan mo ‘ko pag may nagregalo na sayo ng watch ha?”

“Ahahaha. Natawa ako ha. Okay.” :)

What you don’t know is how I much I wanted to receive one from you.


#ReliefPH Send Help to Yolanda Victims

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The Visayas Region of the Philippines had been greatly affected by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The strongest typhoon in the planet this year, as described by the PAG-ASA weather center, had destroyed houses, taken lives and left a lot of people hungry and desperate.

I appeal to all my kababayans, and even my friends outside the country, to help and donate for the affected people in Visayas. I have listed some of the useful photos and links as to how you can help.

For Twitter users, use the following unified hashtags.

#RescuePH – When there is urgent rescue needed

#ReliefPH – For resource coordination and relief operations

#TracingPH – To report missing people

#SafeNow – If already rescued

Philippine National Red Crossred cross 2

How to donate to Red Cross

Sagip Kapamilyasagip kapamilya

Go to on how to donate.

Kapuso Foundationkapuso foundation Go to if you want to give donations.

Rotaract Club of Manila

Rac Manila YolandaPH

Photos from @rapplerdotcom 2

Photo from @rapplerdotcom

To our friends Overseas:

Photo from @rapplerdotcom

Photo from @rapplerdotcom

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Volunteers for Relief Packing

Call 8528081 or 8512681
National Resource Operations Center
Chapel Road, Pasay City(Near NAIA 1 and 2)
DSWD map

DSWD map

Let us work together and Move NOW.

#ReliefPH #YolandaPH #BangonPilipinas #StrongerPH

Honesto: Mang Roger

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Yesterday. I lost my cellphone.

When I arrived at Pacita, I noticed my cellphone was not in my pocket. My friend Mapi and I traced and analyzed the places we have gone. I was not really worried then, because I felt that I would find it eventually. We even went back to my friend’s house and it wasn’t there.

I don’t usually place my cellphone in my shorts’ pocket. But yesterday, I placed it in my pocket because I was sending important messages to people I know, and placing my cellphone in the bag wasn’t helpful. After that, I started to worry.

I started to think: gosh, I am changing my number again, I will buy a new cellphone; I hate those hassles.

status lost cp

I actually didn’t care about the cellphone. I have important contacts in my cellphone, and I’m pretty sure you’d feel the same way. We kept on calling the cellphone for two hours. It was ringing but no one answered. After several minutes, a guy answered.

“Hello? Kuya? Kayo po ang nakakuha ng cellphone?

“Hindi, anak nya to.”

“Kuya.. baka pwede ko naman pong makuha ang cellphone ko..”

“Bukas, kasi nakauwi napo di na po nabyahe.”

“Baka po pwedeng puntahan ko nalang? Sige na po.”

“O sige okay lang.”

“San po kayo banda?”

And he told the place where we should go. Turns out, the cellphone accidentally fell from my shorts pocket while riding a tricycle hours earlier. I was hesitant to go there at first so I looked for somebody to accompany me. Jhun-jhun volunteered. I called my cellphone again, this time, it’s the father who answered. He kept mentioning a lot of stuff, But I didn’t mind anymore because I can’t hear him clearly.

“Kuya, andito na po kami sa may kanto.”

“Ah, o sige, antay mo ako dyan.”

We waited at an outpost inside the subdivision where many people pass by. He arrived with a guy riding the tricycle I also rode earlier.

“Ikaw ba yung sa cellphone?”

“Opo kuya!” (with joy on may face)

“San ko kayo isinakay?”

“Sa may Pacita po.”

“Ah yung dalawang babae kayo?”


“Ay buti naitago ko. Nakuha nung pasahero ko kanina, sabi nya ‘Sa inyo po ba ito?’ Ay kung hindi pa nya nakita ‘di ko mapapansin.”

And he handed me the cellphone.

“Kuya salamat po talaga. Salamat po ng marami.”

“Oo sige, walang anuman iha.”

We were about to leave and then I remember to ask for his name.

“Salamat po ulit kuya. Ano po palang name nyo po?


honesty 1

Courtesy of Mr. Google. :)

I gave him something. I just expressed  my sincerity. “kahit pang meryenda lang” as you may call it. I kept on repeating, “Ang bait naman ni kuya, baka kulang pa yung bigay ko, yun lang nadala kong pera.”

“Hindi mam okay lang po yun, parang ayaw pa nga po kunin.”

“Eh kasi, ramdam ko, kulang pa yung binigay ko, kesa katapatang pinakita nya.”

“Ay sayang mam, hindi tayo nakapagpa-picture.” :D

Along the way, I was ready to buy a new phone. As I know that in times like these, nobody would return things like those, and it’s like ‘hard-to-believe-its-real’ stories of some sort that I watch on TV.

But this man, without any hesitance, returned the cellphone, with a smile; a deed that you don’t encounter everyday. He could just have kept the cellphone, changed the sim card and used it as his own, but didn’t. You might say, “Eh, anyway, it’s just a cellphone..” But for me, it is the deed and attitude that mattered.

And with this, I know that there is still goodness that lies in the hearts of most people. And I just encountered one. I thank God for this nice day and nice people. :)


White House in Baguio

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Eerie you say?

I’ve been to Baguio City several times. Travelers say that there are haunted places in Baguio City. One of those is the notable White House along Leonard Wood Road. It is located near the Teacher’s Camp, which also, they say, is a place haunted as well.

white house laperal 1

The white house was owned by the Laperal Family (also called the Laperal White House). The house had been the topic of stories among tourists and filmmakers as well.

white house 2

When we went there, we just took photos of the house outside. I wanted to enter the house because there was an exhibit. So it is open to the public. It was the Philippine Bamboo Art Exhibit as I remember. We were in a hurry though so we were not able to get in.

Actually the house didn’t look as creepy as the first two. So I am including this one. Thanks for stopping by. :)

white house colored

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


An Unusual POV

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“I believe in the uncommon, the unusual and unlikely, even the miraculous.   I believe in nearly all things except impossibilities. That I can’t fathom. ”   —-Richelle E. Goodrich

These are my take on photos in an unusual point of view. Taking such photos is a challenge as one doesn’t know the result of his edgy or imbalanced shots. These are my favorites.

My first time at an airport. Vie of the airplane from the waiting area.

(1) My first time at an airport. View of the airplane from the waiting area. (2) Me taking the photo and Toyo at the back. I luckily took the shot nicely. (3) We don’t know who ‘Girlie’ is. >_<

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV



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